Where can I purchase Pocketbrella? 

A: As of this moment the only place to purchase your Pocketbrella is Amazon.com. Just go to www.Amazon.com and type in Pocketbrella in the search bar. 

How many colors does Pocketbrella come in? 

A: Pocketbrella comes in 3 colors, orange, sky blue and a multi-color striped patter design.

What is your return policy? 

A: Since all Pocketbrella sales are handled through Amazon the return would be processed through them. Amazon usually adheres to a 30 day money back guarantee policy. 

What sort of material is Pocketbrella made from? 

A: Pocketbrella is made from polyester material. 

What is Pocketbrella UPF/SPF rating? 

A: Pocketbrella is UPF/SPF 100

Where is Pocketbrella sold? 

A: As of now Pocketbrella is only sold in the United States, but will soon be sold internationally. 

Who do I contact for wholesaling questions and other specific and or miscellaneous questions with regards to pocketbrella?

A: You can contact the site administrator directly at Pocketbrella@gmail.com