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Stay Cool in The Shade

Whether on the beach, by a lake or by a swimming pool stay cool under Pocketbrella, lined with extra protective UPF 100 material to protect from the sun’s harmful rays!

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Relax while neat and organized

No matter where you are it is better to have things neat and organized, with Pocketbrella's built in interior pocket panels you can keep all your belongings compartmentalized and organized all with in arms reach and not have to worry about someone stealing your bag and everything in it. 

You jump in the water with your expensive sunglasses or you leave your smartphone on a towel and it gets kicked into the sand. With Pocketbrella all your items are safe from the elements and due to Pocketbrella's specially designed sturdy frame it will hold many of the items you commonly bring to the beach for you and your family. Kids' snacks, towels, sandals, sunscreen, smart phones and tablets!

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Free Sand Anchor

Every Pocketbrella comes with a free sand anchor to make digging the hole in the sand to put in the pole a breeze too!