Mike W
Reseda, CA
"Really creative idea"

Deshawn L
Baltimore, MD

"I love using it at the beach with my kids"

Pam W
Mobile, AL

Great idea, my husband and I are going to the beach with this today!"



Dan and Kate O
San Francisco
" Smart idea, we like storing our kid's snacks in the pockets, that way they never touch the ground"

Nick D
Elmira, NY
"Good quality product" 

John Z
Boston, MA
"Cool idea"



Mitch D
Sterling Heights, MI
"Very innovative, and durable"

Jose C

Houston, TX

"My wife and kids love it."

Joe H
Downers Grove, IL

"Great quality material, and really useful especially if you bring a lot of stuff to the beach with you like me."



Carla P
East Lyme, CT
"Love the color and the pockets are such a neat idea we love using them for our electronics."

Harvey H
Ft. Lauderdale FL
Does what it says, gives you much easier access to your stuff!"

Elizabeth T
Charleston, SC
"Great deal, very strong material and I just love using the pockets very neat and easy, no sifting through my bag!"